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EY's Mexico City Headquarters
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EY's Mexico City Headquarters
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The heavily trafficked Executive Board Room at EY's Mexico City headquarters facility presented challenges for visitors from around the globe who needed to efficiently connect and share content on displays inside the room. EY wanted to make it simple for almost two dozen users in the room to connect via multiple cable formats to share videos, financial data, and other business content on a high definition wall display. They wanted to eliminate technology problem delays that affected room utilization. The solution needed to improve functionality, but also be aesthetically attractive to reflect positively on the EY brand and its important international clients.

To improve technology management in the Board Room, 10 HydraPort modular connection systems were installed along each side of the Board Room table, with an additional unit installed at the end of the table where the CEO presides over meetings. Each HydraPort connection unit is equipped with HDMI & Ethernet inputs as well as an AC power outlet. Behind the scene, an Enova DGX Digital Media switcher provides seamless switching of source content from each of the 21 stations to the wall display. The new solution also incorporates EY's Video Conferencing system, extending the benefits and participation to users beyond the Board Room who share audio and video content from the PC's.

"The new system has greatly increased the efficiency and utilization of one of EY's most important meeting spaces. After pilot projects in two rooms at its Mexico City facility, the solution has become the preferred standard for additional rooms in need of technology upgrades at the facility. The success of this project will have a positive impact on the success of this organization for years to come."
   – Integrator, Automitizacion y Desarrollo de Software