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Standard Bank Boardroom
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Standard Bank Boardroom
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Standard Bank of South Africa Limited had a requirement to upgrade three executive boardrooms in their Johannesburg head office, including a 46-seat space, a 26-seat space, and a full-blown A/V conferencing facility. Each room can function in conjunction with the others, or independently as a meeting room, presentation facility, or conferencing facility. All three rooms; therefore, needed the same technological capabilities, as well as the same user interface.

AMX control at its finest can be found in boardroom one, where AMX MVP-5200 touch panels are available at each of the 46 seats, integrating the automated screens from the ceiling, the telescoping lifts for the videoconferencing cameras, projector lifts, motorized lifts for 22-inch LCD monitors in front of each seat, air conditioning, lighting and any other electronic platforms used in this room. A master control room is command central for all three rooms, where visuals of the boardroom are available on a preview screen. As was the goal, the other boardrooms are similarly equipped, making it easy for executives to move from room to room and operate all systems with ease.

One thing is for certain, whether management is showing a client a financial portfolio or giving a presentation, their communications are more professional, more polished, and more cutting-edge thanks to an intuitive and simple control interface.