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The University of Florida’s IFAS services group approached AMX with a challenge – to help their two-man team design, configure, install and support all of their learning spaces in-house saving the University first-time and long-term costs all while reducing support needs and classroom downtime.

The Institute chose to deploy AMX equipment throughout the school, contrary to the University standards, in order to provide a variety of classrooms and laboratories with a smoother and faster install, simpler configuration and ongoing maintenance platform. What does that really mean for the two-man team? Using AMX’s Rapid Project Maker (RPM), they are now able to configure each room in 30 minutes, rather than trying to program their rooms in 40-60 hours. As a part of the deployment, the department standardized rooms to help maximize their buying power as well as maximize their use of RPM. RPM allows the team to create unique user interfaces for the wide audience using the laboratory stock, increasing user success and reducing service calls. Once a room is configured with RPM, it produces installation instructions and diagrams allowing the two-man team to handle the install independently from a consultant or integrator – an on demand system. Once the room is deployed and operational, RPM allows them to easily add or change equipment independently and in a matter of less than an hour, from configuration to installation. AMX’s support team is available throughout this process and actively engaged University of Florida to ensure a quick and successful install and deployment. Ongoing operations and proactive service is handled through their use of Resource Management Suite (RMS). While RMS provides great value to the team in making each analog or digital device intelligent, their favorite feature is the ability to preset rooms so that professors are able to walk in and immediately begin their session.

"AMX solutions have allowed our team to provide proactive service for our users, but more importantly, AMX has been a part of our team. We are an active member of the RPM users group and when we find a limitation, the AMX team works to solve that within RPM. The company’s service philosophy is incredible and has allowed us to provide the excellent ongoing service our users demand."

– Lance Cosart, IFAS