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Support Activity, MCTSSA Operations Center Upgrade
The MCTSSA Operations Center is an unclassified centralized location for oversight of multiple command activities. The Operations Center’s data projection and audio capabilities were aging, not easily visible from all computer workstations, and didn’t meet today’s need for higher information density displays. In addition, the audio/video system did not easily allow for viewing various computer workstations on multiple screens.

Blue Tech successfully designed and integrated all of the audio/visual and videoconferencing technology and systems in the Operations Center. This project consisted of installation of VTC and AV in the conference room with operation capability in Classified and Unclassified Mode, and the installation of a 12-screen video wall in the Operations room. This project incorporated components from AMX, Jupiter, Cisco/ TANDBERG, SMART Technologies and Christie.

"We received outstanding ratings from MCTSSA for our performance in Quality of Product or Service, Timeliness of Performance, and Business Relations. The MCTSSA Operations Center was equipped with a state of the art Operations Center and Video Teleconferencing Room with best in class technologies."

– Susan W. Stone, Esq., CEO, Blue Tech Inc.