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Enhancing the Worship Experience: A Clear Audio Solution for Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church

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Enhancing the Worship Experience: A Clear Audio Solution for Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church
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Enhancing the Worship Experience: A Clear Audio Solution for Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church
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The Challenge

For over a century, Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church has been a pillar of the Severna Park, Maryland community, providing a welcoming space for worship and spiritual growth. As the church's membership expanded, so did the need to accommodate individuals with hearing loss during services. To meet this growing demand, Woods Church spearheaded an initiative to find a new, comprehensive assistive listening solution.

Over the years, the existing assistive listening device at Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church began to show its limitations. As the congregation grew, the outdated system struggled to provide consistently clear audio in the 500-seat sanctuary. Moreover, with a rising number of congregants requiring hearing support, it became evident that a modern, inclusive, and easy-to-use solution was necessary.

The Search for Solutions

Driven by its dedication to the church community, Woods embarked on a quest to find the perfect assistive listening system. Primary goals were to deliver clear audio, facilitate ease of use for church volunteers and members, cater to those with hearing aids, and adhere to a reasonable budget.

One potential solution considered was hearing loops, which could have worked well for those using hearing aids and provided hand-held receivers for others. However, after assessing the cost and potential disruption to the floors during installation, this option was set aside.

After a thorough evaluation of various options, Woods decided to implement Williams AV's FM solution. This cutting-edge system boasts numerous features that address the church's specific needs:

  1. Seamless Coverage. The FM transmitter is designed to support large spaces. With up to 17 available channels, individualized audio content can be broadcast to other assembly spaces in the building.
  2. Versatility and Inclusivity. Williams AV's FM solution accommodates diverse listening preferences. Members can use a hand-held receiver and earphones for discreet listening. Alternatively, those with hearing aids can utilize a neck loop with the hand-held receiver, allowing audio to be directly broadcasted to their hearing aid.
  3. Crystal-Clear Audio. Utilizing state-of-the-art DSP audio processing, the system ensures that both hand-held receiver users and hearing aid wearers receive superior, crystal-clear audio quality.

Enhancing the Worship Experience

With the adoption of Williams AV's FM system, Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church has taken a significant step towards enhancing the worship experience for all its congregants. The new assistive listening solution not only addresses the needs of individuals with hearing loss but also sets a precedent for inclusivity and accessibility within the community.

The decision to invest in Williams AV's FM solution has proven to be a transformative one for Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church. Woods’ initiative to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, and budget-friendly assistive listening system has elevated the worship experience, ensuring that every member of the congregation can fully participate in the spiritual journey. As the church continues to grow and serve its community, the commitment to inclusivity and accessibility remains steadfast, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of all who gather within its walls.


Project Details

Application: Assistive Listening

Solution Requirements:

  • Easy to setup system that integrates with existing sound system
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Handheld devices for people without hearing aids
  • No need for building modifications
  • Broad coverage for large space
  • High quality sound


  • FM 558 System
    • FM Transmitter - FM T55
    • FM Receivers - PPA R38N
    • Earphones - EAR 022
    • Neckloops - NKL 001


  • Broad coverage
  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports audio for hearing aids
  • Flexible listening devices

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