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ALTINEX ANNOUNCES RE-DESIGNED MX2106AV SWITCHER - The ideal switcher for small AV setups
Posted on Friday, October 10, 2008
ALTINEX ANNOUNCES RE-DESIGNED MX2106AV SWITCHER - The ideal switcher for small AV setups

Brea, CA – September 2008… Altinex, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of Modular AV Signal Management Solutions™, proudly introduces the re-designed MX2106AV 2-In/1-Out VGA Auto plus Audio switcher with a 1 x 2 distribution amplifier. With an incredibly compact footprint that enables the unit to be easily mounted out of sight underneath a table or on the side of a lectern, the MX2106AV is the ideal solution for small meeting/conference setups where two different sources—such as laptop computers—can be routed to a main display and an accompanying audio system as required. The MX2106AV also incorporates a 1 x 2 distribution amplifier with programmable output to follow input 1 or to follow switched input, and features transformer audio output for noise-free sound over long cable runs.
With its integrated distribution amplifier, the MX2106AV has the ability to drive two large displays simultaneously. Further, the MX2106AV features Plug and Play memory to ensure the correct display resolution along with automatic switching and the ability to handle VGA through UXGA computer signal formats as well as HDTV resolutions from 480i to 1080p. Getting audio into the system is just as easy and is accomplished via two sets of 3.5 mm female inputs and outputs—the perfect match for both laptop and desktop computers.

The MX2106AV’s input 1 is the primary input and the switcher defaults to this upon power up. When input 2 detects incoming signal, it automatically overrides input 1 and sends video to the output.  Override switching is accomplished through the MX2106AV’s Input Select/RS-232 input. With the addition of the optionally available RC5208CC contact closure switch box, manual selection of the two input sources is achieved. Similarly, this same input can be controlled via RS-232, thus enabling one to make selections from other devices such as a touch screen controller.

Adding still greater flexibility, the Altinex MX2106AV features an Input Select 1-2 switch that makes it easy to always display one computer output on a local monitor and still be able to select inputs for display on the large screen monitor. This configuration—known as local monitor mode operation—is often used when a lectern has a stationary PC installed inside and visitors must connect their laptops into the system. In this case, the stationary PC’s local monitor is connected to both the stationary PC and the large screen display. When a visitor’s laptop is connected to input two, the switcher automatically switches to that input and sends the laptop’s video to the large screen display while the stationary PC’s monitor continues to display its image.

Altinex President and CEO Jack Gershfeld commented on the company’s new MX2106AV. “Our MX2106AV may very well be the most versatile universal audio/video gadget on the market,” said Gershfeld. “This is the ideal solution for a wide range of small meeting and presentation spaces where one or two computers will be used with one or two displays. The MX2106AV facilitates automatic switching between the two sources, yet provides the flexibility to manually control source selection via a simple contact closure or through more sophisticated means such as touch screen controllers. With transformer audio output that can be used with twisted pair or shielded cables for noise-free operation and a block diagram right on the face of the device to help ensure the right connections, the MX2106AV is the Swiss Army knife of the AV world. I’m confident it will find a home in a myriad of AV applications.”

The Altinex MX2106AV is available stand-alone or can be bundled with the RC5208CC contact closure switch box (MX2106AV-pack). MSRP is $309 (MX2106AV) and $355 for the MX2106AV-pack. Both packages are available now.

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Founded in 1993, Altinex, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Modular AV Signal Management Solutions™. The company offers a comprehensive line of computer video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, switchers, matrix switchers, special application products, and a large variety of furniture connectivity products. Altinex is an ISO 9001:2000 certified corporation that conducts all R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales from its corporate headquarters in Brea, California, USA. For additional information, visit the company online at www.altinex.com or contact them directly at 1.800.ALTINEX.