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Posted on Thursday, July 29, 2010


Brea, CA – July 2010… Altinex, the leading manufacturer of Modular AV Solutions™, is pleased to announce the new TNP221 and UT250-101 Collaborative Workspace Package. Consisting of the TNP221 Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect box and the UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher, the pairing of these two products makes it easier than ever for one to patch in a laptop computer and select a specific display device for sharing information with colleagues. The new Collaborative Workspace Package is an ideal choice for use in boardrooms, classrooms, presentation spaces, and other locations where the ability to share information is critical.
The Altinex TNP221 interconnect box provides an aesthetically pleasing, hi-tech, sophisticated means of patching into a presentation system. Incorporating a VGA computer video (15-pin) port, a Stereo 3.5mm mini-jack for audio follow, a USB connector, an RJ-45 Ethernet CAT-6 connector for network access, plus an AC power connection, the TNP221 makes it a snap to connect one’s laptop computer for a presentation. Additionally, the bezel of the TNP221 provides two buttons positioned along the right side of the unit’s bezel that enables the presenter to select monitor #1 or monitor #2 via the UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher. This system accommodates as many as eight TNP221 interconnect boxes—enabling users to display their work on separate monitors.
Accessing the TNP221’s various ports is quick and easy. Push down on the front of the unit’s top cover and the TNP’s latching mechanism releases—enabling the pneumatic spring to raise the TNP221 into position. Simply make the connections to the appropriate ports and that piece of equipment is patched into the presentation system and ready for business.
Working in tandem with the TNP221 Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect box, the Altinex UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher is an 8x4 VGA computer video and audio matrix switcher that provides easy routing and management of multimedia signals from multiple laptop computers and document cameras via a single, convenient location under a table—making this an invaluable product that greatly enhances productivity in the contemporary corporate boardroom or meeting facility.
The UT250-101 provides eight VGA-UXGA computer video inputs and eight 3.5mm stereo inputs—perfect, for example, for taking the external video monitor feed from multiple laptop computers along with the audio outputs for accompanying audio signals. Now, multiple participants in a business meeting can “patch in” their laptops and easily route their presentation to a projector or video display without disrupting the continuity of the meeting. The UT250-101’s eight video inputs can be routed to any of four video outputs via dry contact switch ports or using RS-232 control. The audio inputs accept both left- and right-channel signals, and then combine them to create a single balanced mono audio signal.
In addition to standard video and audio outputs, the Altinex UT250-101 also has four integrated Twisted Pair (4TP) transmitters for transmitting the video and audio signals over long distances to remote multimedia presentation systems. This carries the advantage of using CAT5 cable for those long runs as opposed to VGA cable—thus easing the process of running lines through walls and conduit while utilizing a lower cost cable type. The four Twisted Pair outputs can transmit video and audio signals to all Altinex Twisted Pair receivers.
When used in conjunction with the TNP221 interconnect box, the UT250-101 offers some additional highlights, including Auto-Switching and Display On/Off. With Auto-Switching, if the UT250-101 senses a new input, the device automatically switches that new signal to output #1. This feature can be disabled using RS-232 and can be overridden by the TNP221’s push-button switch. For Display On/Off, the UT250-101 can be programmed so the RS-232 port will send a power-on command to the display device when the first input signal is detected. When a period of time passes and no activity on the input ports, a power-down signal will be sent to the display device for shutdown. This feature is enabled/disabled via RS-232.
Phil Hale, Altinex Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented on the company’s new TNP221 and UT250-101 Collaborative Workspace Package, “The new Collaborative Workspace Package is the ideal system that enables multiple people to share their ideas when collaborating on team projects. This package not only makes it a breeze to patch one’s laptop computer into the presentation system, it enables two people at a time to display their materials on two separate monitors so those in attendance can compare and share ideas. It’s the perfect means of facilitating multiple perspectives to not only share information, but to also reach consensus. As multiple people access the system, the UT250-101 matrix switcher looks at the last signal to route content to the displays—enabling users to easily display their work when asked to do so. With its hi-tech, flush mount appearance, the TNP221 interconnect box presents a sophisticated appearance that blends seamlessly into the aesthetics of the most upscale presentation space. I’m confident integrators and end users alike will find much to like with this new system.”
The Altinex TNP221 and UT250-101 carries a MSRP of $495 and $1495 respectively. The UT250-101 is available now while the TNP211 will be available by August 31, 2010.
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