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AMX Releases HydraPort Connection Preview Application with Distribution Underway of Famed HydraPort Product
Posted on Monday, April 12, 2010

State-of-the-Art Configuration Tool Makes Building Any HydraPort Configuration a Breeze


RICHARDSON, Texas – April 12, 2010 – AMX®, the leading provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments, today announced the release of the second generation HydraPort Connection Preview (HCP) with distribution underway of the recently launched HydraPort cable connection system. The innovative HCP is an easy to use dragand- drop web application on AMX.com that lets you select from a library of AV, network and power modules to configure the connectivity for a HydraPort.

HydraPort is a completely modular, retractable cable connection system built to accommodate the diverse connection needs of any conference or meeting room visitor. The ergonomic unit lets users connect and control laptops, projectors, document cameras, DVD players, audio equipment and other support devices. With power modules meeting U.S., U.K., E.U., and Australian regulatory standards, it can be installed nearly anywhere worldwide.

"HydraPort is as much a stand-alone connection device as it is a complement to a control system," said Jeff Burch, AMX product manager. "Whether the need is to provide a simple power source or a complex network or control connectivity hub, HydraPort delivers any combination in a cost effective, stylish solution."

The sleek HydraPort unit sports a retractable base station that smoothly rises to expose device connections, then recedes back down to conceal the collection of cables, all while keeping the connections intact. The double-sided design offers easy access, with space on each side to accommodate as many as eight AV or data modules, four power modules, two keypad modules or any combination of these. The equally intuitive new (HCP) web application is more robust and guides installers through building a perfect connection port for a specified deployment. HCP features an intuitive interface and a graphical menu of the various AV, control, network and power modules that you drag-and-drop on either of the two HydraPort image sides. HCP is also built with the intelligence to monitor space allocation and advise the installer of potential compatibility and capacity issues. HCP prompts the installer during the process to offer options to avoid said issues. Finally, HCP delivers the installer the ability to save and store their configuration to re-open at a later date, print an impressive visual reference of the configuration layout complete with project information or job details and produce a comprehensive parts list that details every piece necessary to submit an order.

"HydraPort Connection Preview is a time-saving problem-solver, period," commented Jeff Kindig, AMX vice president, strategic marketing. "Plus now installers can print out a photo-realistic layout of the product to show their customer, complete with a parts list for ordering – and that only puts time and money back in their pockets."