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Anchor Audio, Inc.

Established in 1973, Anchor Audio manufactures the highest quality portable sound systems in the USA. We're an industry innovator and leader in all-in-one, battery-powered PA systems. We offer a full complement of wireless technologies for every sound application and serve over 2,000 school districts, all branches of the military, houses of worship, and more.

Model: Liberty 3

Anchor Audio’s Liberty 3 is a durable, cable-free, all-in-one portable PA system. Take your sound anywhere you need it and play for as long as you want. Stereo or mono. Voice or music. Inside or out.
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Anchor Audio - BIG News! We're making the Anchor AIR product line even bigger!
Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2016

  COMING SOON: Bigfoot & Beacon AIR


You’ve loved the Anchor AIR so much, so we’ve added the Bigfoot and Beacon to the line up!

Coming October 2016, Anchor Audio is proud to offer the Bigfoot and Beacon in the Anchor AIR product line. The Bigfoot and Beacon AIR compatible units will not be companion units, but instead, they are main units with either an AIR transmitter or AIR receiver built-in. The units can be used together for larger coverage or separately as stand-alone units. The optional built-in AIR wireless transmitter or receiver will replace the CD/MP3 player in your Bigfoot or Beacon sound system.

  • Operates 6 – 8+ hours on a single charge
  • 150+ foot wireless range
  • Expandable to multiple AIR units
  • ADA compliant
  • Six-year warranty

Anchor AIR allows complete wireless capability for Anchor Audio portable sound systems. Anchor AIR is also available for the Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox.

Cables can snare. Upgrade to the AIR!

Contact me today for more information about the Anchor AIR or to try an Anchor Audio portable sound system risk-free for yourself today.