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Established in 1973, Anchor Audio manufactures the highest quality portable sound systems in the USA. We're an industry innovator and leader in all-in-one, battery-powered PA systems. We offer a full complement of wireless technologies for every sound application and serve over 2,000 school districts, all branches of the military, houses of worship, and more.

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Anchor Audio’s Liberty 3 is a durable, cable-free, all-in-one portable PA system. Take your sound anywhere you need it and play for as long as you want. Stereo or mono. Voice or music. Inside or out.
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Anchor Audio Announces Exciting Corporate Changes
Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024
Anchor Audio Announces Exciting Corporate Changes

Carlsbad, CA – Anchor Audio, a US manufacturer and innovator of Battery-Powered Portable PA Sound Systems, is excited to announce a significant organizational update.   

"We are investing in customer care and product expansion while growing our go-to-market team structure," said Alex Jacobs, company CEO & President. "These changes are aimed at enhancing Anchor’s CARES philosophy, which values customer satisfaction, and our Made Right in America commitment to product excellence." 

Jacobs continued, "We are thrilled to introduce these organizational updates, which are effective immediately." 

Glenn Busse, VP of Sales & Marketing, leads the following teams in exceptional customer satisfaction and growing market share. Glenn, a seasoned audio professional in sales and service, has 3 years of experience with Anchor Audio.  

Sales: Our focus this year includes forging strategic partnerships where we can enhance end-user experience while ensuring same-day configuration and quote support of cutting-edge audio solutions. Our Sales team includes: 

  • Richard Araujo, National Sales Manager. Richard currently has 13 years of experience with Anchor Audio.  
  • Owen Mitchell, Territory Sales Manager, Western US. Owen has 4 years of experience with Anchor Audio. 

Joining our dynamic team, and bringing audio expertise and fresh perspectives, we welcome: 

  • Art Johnson, to the new position of Sales Representative, Central US.  
  • Shaye Cunningham, to the new position of Sales Representative, Eastern US.  

Technical Service: This department is critical in developing our industry-leading standards in All-in-One PA Systems that are quick to deploy. Training in technological advancements, supporting product development, and actively engaging in Anchor’s quality assurance all fall under our Technical Service team’s responsibility. This team includes: 

  • Brandon Radford, Sales and Service Representative. Brandon has 3 years of experience with Anchor Audio. 
  • James Gibbons, Technical Service Representative. James has 1 year of experience with Anchor Audio. 

Customer Service: Dedicated to providing support to our customers consistent with our CARES company values, Anchor’s Customer Service team is committed to enhancing customer experiences with our products and our company. This team includes:

  • Maria De Santiago, Customer Service Representative. Maria is just completing her first year with Anchor Audio. 

"As we look ahead, we are proud to make these investments in our teams, ensuring the success of our customers," Jacobs added. "It’s going to be a great year!"