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Tour Guide Package (902-928 MHz)

Series: Assistive Listening

Model: TOUR-9000

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The Tour Guide Package (TOUR-9000) comes with an Assistive Listening System which provides clear, one-way communication that helps cut through background noise. It includes one body pack transmitter (WB-9000) with a headband microphone (HBM-TA4F) that the tour guide or interpreter wears and speaks into. It also includes six small belt pack receivers (ALB-9000) with in-ear headphones that the listeners wear to hear every word clearly and easily. Each belt pack is battery powered and has 16 user-selectable UHF channels. They are lightweight and very easy to set up and operate. This system is expandable for an unlimited number of listeners, if you choose to add more belt pack receivers. The system is ADA compliant, and is completely portable so it can be used indoors or outdoors. It is great for groups of people in tours and interpretations.
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