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Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Atlas Sound demonstrates wide-sweeping ControlKom campus messaging technology at InfoComm '08
LAS VEGAS, NV, June 18, 2008—In an age when rapid and wide-ranging communications in educational settings is more critical than ever, Atlas Sound stands poised to introduce one of the simplest and far-reaching solutions to the task of managing campus messaging, bell scheduling, security, and much more.

On display at InfoComm in booth #C4049, the new technology making all of the above immediate, dependable, and easy-to-use is based around an IP-based full-featured system called ControlKom and Atlas Sound's line of IP-compliant loudspeaker systems.

In its simplest sense, ControlKom offers comprehensive IP-based paging system control with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) compatibility allowing it to be integrated with almost any existing phone system. With this technology, users can simultaneously send an audio stream and/or text message to IP loudspeakers, computer screens, and overhead paging systems, all with speed, confidence, ease-of-use, and reduced operation costs.

ControlKom can be deployed within a single building, throughout an entire campus, or even through multiple campuses. Working in conjunction with IP loudspeakers using true POE (Power Over Ethernet) capabilities, the ControlKom platform supervises and controls loudspeakers, digital clocks, bells, and zone controllers that facilitate the transmission of audio and text messaging to one or multiple zones within a system.

Clock and bell tone scheduling for any speaker/clock group within a ControlKom network permits separate schedules to be established for an individual building, floor within a building, or any other defined area. Messages--whether prerecorded or live--can be broadcast to an unlimited number of IP-enabled devices as well as all other sources of communication both visual and audible within a system.

With an optional Direct Observation and Real-time Alerting (DORA) software interface installed, ControlKom can additionally be used with contact closure devices to trigger other events. This feature makes the system ideal for monitoring motion detectors, fire or security panel contact closures, door contacts, and wall-mount call switches.

Costs can be reduced with a ControlKom system while simultaneously increasing manageability thanks to a secure web accessed interface for system programming and configuring. Firmware and software updates can also be managed from a single geographical point across an entire network regardless of its size or complexity. A GUI (Graphical User Interface) offered with the system makes creating or changing bell schedules and other operational functions virtually effortless.

Integral IP Loudspeakers from Atlas Sound are available in multiple versions. Rugged vandal resistant models for outdoor use and various in classroom models including versions that offer an optional integrated 5 character LED display as well as internal talk-back microphone are the ideal complement to the sophisticated ControlKom solution.

Available through authorized Atlas Sound dealers nationwide, the ControlKom system will be supported via Atlas Sound’s extensive network of independent sales representatives.