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AtlasIED Expands GLOBALCOM.IP Technology Ecosystem with Mission-Critical Display Information Capabilities
Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2018
AtlasIED Expands GLOBALCOM.IP Technology Ecosystem with Mission-Critical Display Information Capabilities

AtlasIED Headquarters, Phoenix, AZ (January 31, 2018) – AtlasIED is pleased to announce GDS-4W™ Display System for GLOBALCOM.IP installations. GDS-4W™ is a mission-critical display information system that combines display information and critical visual alerts - all in one solution. The GDS-4W™ leverages HTML5 technology allowing easy administration using any network-connected web browser to design and broadcast generated content. With GDS-4W™, facilities can visually engage and notify customers, employees, and visitors across displays and mobile devices throughout an enterprise facility.

•     Advertise products and services
•     Share calendar
•     Show news information
•     Display emergency alerts
•     Provide interactive wayfinding

Leverage the Same System for Emergency Notifications with ADA compliant NotifyNOW™. It is exclusive patented software innovation built into GDS-4W™ that provides automated priority visual paging and way finding that overrides displayed content and immediately broadcasts the NotifyNOW™ content when deployed as part of a GLOBALCOM.IP® system.

Once the NotifyNOW™ content is completed, the system seamlessly reverts back to normal broadcast content - making it ideally suited for emergency evacuation or mass notification alerts.

How it works:

GDS-4W™ is comprised of three components:

  1. GDS-4W™ Server Application
  2. GDS-4W™ Client Application
  3. 4WPlayer2 Dual Display Endpoint Players

The GDS-4W™ Server is the heart of the system and the centralized application for device and content management. All content is organized, managed and published within the user interface. Users can manage and view all 4WPLAYER1 or 4WPLAYER2 endpoint players on the network. Each player can be customized individually and comes plug-and-play ready with the preloaded GDS-4W™ Client application. Once content is developed within GDS-4W™ Server application, it is pushed over the network to each 4WPLAYER1 or 4WPLAYER2. The digital signage content is stored locally within each player and broadcast onto the connected video display(s) via HDMI connection(s).

Details about GDS-4W™ Server Application:

The GDS-4W™ Server allows users to build and preview their content, as well as to upload any media. There are factory-provided templates that can be modified including social media, news, data and calendar feeds. The user can schedule programs based on player’s location and tags. Administrators can assign view, role, and alert profile to multiple users. The user interface is HTML5 based and viewable on desktop PCs and mobile devices.

The GDS-4W™ Server can be either cloud-based or stored locally depending on installation requirements, and the cloud-based option allows content to be made available to users on-demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers. The other option is on premise where the application is loaded onto a local server and does not require an internet connection for locations with enhanced LAN security.

Details about 4WPLAYER2 running GDS-4W™ Client Application:

The 4WPLAYER2 is a premier media player providing “best-in-class” performance for any environment, incorporating an Intel® Celeron® Processor and HD graphics card offering dual display output capability with up to 1080P@ 60fps resolution. Connection to the dual display devices can be achieved via the two HDMI connections. The same HDMI ports also provide audio from 2-channel stereo up to 7.1 surround channels. The 4WPLAYER2 connects to the network via redundant dual RJ-45 Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi 802.11ac connection. The unit has a 500GB storage drive and up to 8 GB memory. Each 4WPLAYER2 includes the GDS-4W™ Client Application that runs as a background service in the players operating system with its setup easily done within the GDS-4W™ Server Application. The player receives content from the server, stores it locally onto the device, and automatically displays the generated media to the connected video displays. Storing the content locally onto each 4WPLAYER2 provides media to still be displayed even in the event of local area network failure or disconnection.