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Audio-Technica Features Infrared Antenna Components for ATCS-60 IR Conference System
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013
 — Operating in conjunction with an ATCS-60 system, the ATCS-A60 infrared antenna components increase the operating range of the ATCS-60 IR (infrared) Conference System —


INFOCOMM, ORLANDO, FL, June 12, 2013 Audio-Technica (booth 831), a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 50 years, is displaying the latest transmitter and receiver antennas for its ATCS-60 IR (infrared) Conference System from its contractor-exclusive Engineered Sound® range of meeting/conference room offerings. The infrared antenna system consists of the ATCS-A60MX IR Transmitter/Receiver Mixer, ATCS-A60TX IR Transmitting Unit and ATCS-A60RX IR Receiving Unit. Designed to increase the operating range of the ATCS-60 Infrared Conference System and allow for greater portability, the antenna system more than doubles the range of the current ATCS-60 system.


The ATCS-A60MX transmitter/receiver mixer can drive up to four ATCS-A60TX transmitting units and four ATCS-A60RX receiving units; up to four transmitter/receiver mixers can be connected to the ATCS-C60 central unit, to allow for a maximum of sixteen transmitting units and receiving units to be employed in an installation. The ATCS-A60TX transmitter and ATCS-A60MX receiver may be located directly next to one another, enabling easy mounting options, and both are equipped with a ¼" thread for mounting.


The ATCS-60 IR Conference System offers all the advantages of infrared communication – including security, high noise immunity and low power requirements – and features wireless microphone units (ATCS-M60). As a result, it offers more flexibility, with freedom to easily change microphone locations and system configurations. The system also features sophisticated functions such as simultaneous interpretation for one native language and up to three foreign languages; automatic camera tracking to follow the switching of microphones; optional minutes recording; along with other features that help improve conference efficiency. The ATCS-60 system can also be fully portable. The ATCS-60’s infrared technology offers secure communication. Since the infrared signal stays within the room, a meeting cannot be picked up or intercepted elsewhere, which can often be an issue with conventional RF systems.


These components are currently available, and they are part of Audio-Technica’s contractor-exclusive Engineered Sound products. As with all Audio-Technica Engineered Sound products, the ATCS-60 comes standard with a five-year warranty.