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Perfect Desks for Corporate & Small Businesses with AVFI
Posted on Monday, December 19, 2022
Perfect Desks for Corporate & Small Businesses with AVFI

New Modular Folding Tables & Huddle Desks | AVFI

Dec. 19, 2022 - With companies opening their offices again for their staff to return to the office, there has been an increase in demand for more workstations for staff to work at and to host conference rooms. Companies have been developing office furniture been coming up with solutions to meet the demands. Audio Visual Furniture International (also known as AVFI) have kept up with the demands while maintaining the finest quality of craft in their products.

The latest line of Modular Folding Table and Huddle Room Table Package have different uses, yet, have functional purposes for each. Designed to be adjustable, accommodations for how many can sit per table, and have the latest hardware sculpted into each table. Making it comfortable for your company to make it into the office while accomplishing specific needs.

This article will outline both the Modular Folding Table and the Huddle Room Table Package to summarize the design, devices, and ideas of where you can place this in your corporate building.

Modular Folding Table System (MT6024)

The Modular Folding Table was designed with the intent to for training staff, study halls at school, host conferences, and more. The table is given a sleek, elegant design with a wood finish with grey powder-coated steel that contrasts beautifully with the wood. Infused in the finish is a thermo-wrap that protects the surface with heat and moisture resistance.

For mobility and accessibility, this folding table has a built-in locking caster. Making it easy to store and relocate anywhere in your office. Did you know that if you had more folding tables they can be linked together? Depending on how many you require at the gathering, you can structure the desks to accommodate the guests you have at the meeting.

Some of the additional features of this desk are:

  • A 6 outlet with 110 voltage power bar.
  • A power and data panel (also known as CUBM3, or a CUBM4)
  • Power and data panels enhance the office experience by allowing members to utilize the cabling. With AVFI, the style is uniform and crafted to make it spacious for multiple users to plug in without any stress.

Some of the finishes AVFI offers are fusion maple, Hayward cherry, and ebony. Other alternative colors can include river cherry, clove, crossfire java, aria, baroque, elegance, designer white, and shark grey. With a wide variety of finishes, you can customize the modular table to your interior design.

Huddle Room Table Package (T526 HR)

Coming in a packaged set, the Huddle Room Desk has two furniture pieces that are built together a single TV and a sturdy built-in display mount. Depending on the Table Section, it can fit a single small monitor mount (526RW-S) and other sizes, making it adaptable to large and smaller screens. Like the Modular Folding Desk, the huddle desk has a built-in thermo-wrap that is designed into the surface.

Often found in quiet rooms, personal office spaces, or study rooms; these desks can fit up to 3 people. The design of this desk is to have all the wiring pass through the back of the base, decluttering the surface of any cords. It also prevents the base from having any core drilling.

AVFI has also included a video conference bracket that can be adjustable. It can be for the perfect height for any Zoom, Microsoft Teams Calls, or other video meeting software. Allowing you to connect with your team that is working remotely.

Here are some of the features of the huddle desk:

  • It comes with Ethernet Cords and a 6 FT Power cord that has a low profile flat.
  • The structure complements the desk worksurface with easy access to power.
  • It includes sideway racks with 5U each to store documentation, technology, and other office equipment.

Much like the modular folding table, the huddle desk comes with a wide variety of finishes, you can customize the modular table to your interior design.

Summary of Article

With the multitudes of furniture, AVFI can deliver the right desk for your office space. With a collective team of experts in the field, we will work to offer advice on finding the right office space. Audio Video Furniture Incorporation’s goal is to have continuous, innovative, and creative designs.