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beyerdynamic’s wireless boundary microphone Stegos
Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The wireless boundary microphones from beyerdynamic’s Stegos product line not only have the functionality to complement video conference systems perfectly, they also optimise the technical process of speech transfer, an aspect of video conferencing that is often undervalued. Based on the size of the room and the number of participants, up to four microphones can be employed to convert the spoken word into a high quality digital signal and transferred to a single receiver. This transfer takes place using secure spread spectrum processing technology with additional 128-bit encryption. Up to three systems can be used simultaneously in parallel for larger meetings and conferences.

The new Stegos CB provides a simple and attractive charging and docking solution. The environmentally-friendly disposable NiMH battery pack provides up to 14 hours of talk time without interruption, recharging or changing batteries. Top-quality magnets integrated on the sides of the charger enables the linking of several chargers in a row. An integrated optical conductor displays the status of the rechargeable battery of the microphone. Moreover a prominent spot in the charger turns off a turned on microphone to exclude an unwanted “pick-up” during charging.
Using a wide variety of audio interfaces, as well as the audio cables delivered with the product, the Stegos receiver can be connected securely and simply to all the most popular video conferencing systems from any of the major suppliers.

Traffic control between microphone and receiver ensures unprecedented sound quality in your video or audio conferences, and the microphone status can be monitored easily with either a user-friendly software interface on a PC or a media control touch screen.

The Global Mute capability of the microphones at the touch of a button is unique to Stegos.