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Bosch Integrus for the Dallas Police Department Fusion Center
Posted on Monday, March 1, 2010
Bosch Integrus for the Dallas Police Department Fusion Center

The Dallas Police Department is the ninth largest municipal police agency in the nation. Around-the-clock monitoring and real-time intelligence gathering are essential to protecting the citizens of the Dallas area. This happens at the state-of-the-art Fusion Center, a separate facility within the Jack Evans Police Building, recently completed a new AV systems upgrade including Bosch Integrus infra-red language and audio distribution systems.

The rapidly expanding Fusion Center started with a staff of three plainclothes officers but has now grown to 35 police detectives. A detective may be assigned to a different part of the city, but it’s still vital for them to hear what the officers are transmitting on their police radio in other areas. This is made possible by a Bosch Integrus 16-channel IR assistive-listening transmitter. The Integrus provides the 27 police officers who rotate within the Fusion Center’s nine stations with access to communications heard over police radios. Instead of being reproduced through loudspeakers, transmissions are heard through the lightweight headphones worn by detectives, which also helps keep noise levels down in the facility.

On the display end of things, upgrades of 38 LCD monitors, three 40” TVs and six 2X3 videowalls of 60” XGA cubes were also installed. The audio reinforcement, processing and routing were also improved. The makeover equips Dallas officers with the best tools available to perform their jobs on the leading edge of police work.