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Last Minute Install Completed Quickly with ConnexSys
Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Last Minute Install Completed Quickly with ConnexSys
Marko Scott, CTS, an installation technician for AVI-SPL in Seattle, was on his way to a service call one morning when it was cancelled. His supervisor said to return to the office and put up a 2×2 video wall. The wall would be used for AVI-SPL content feeds that update over their network.

“I got in two hours into the day and was expected to hang this video wall and get it running,” he said. “I was hesitant.”

Enter the ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System from Chief, which has been shipping since March. More and more installers like Scott are getting a chance to try the system in various environments and applications, and Chief is starting to hear the feedback. This was Scott’s first time interacting with this solution.

It only took him six hours.

“I was surprised at how simple this system was to build and how easily and quickly I was able to do this with almost no assistance,” Scott said.

Scott has installed about a dozen video walls, and said the most trouble generally comes from trying to get all the corners and edges lined up. ConnexSys takes advantage of channel strut to speed up the installation process by providing a level base for each row.

“It took out a lot of the guess work to keep everything aligned,” Scott said. “What had seemed like an extremely difficult task was accomplished in no time at all.”

While he did have some help with putting on the displays, Scott said a similar wall would typically take about 8 hours with a second person to help throughout the installation. He’s looking forward to trying the system on bigger video walls to see how the micro-lateral adjustments work.