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Planar, Draper Grab Attention in Hot Coral Gables, Florida, Development
Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Planar, Draper Grab Attention in Hot Coral Gables, Florida, Development

Oct. 6, 2021 - How does a developer make a statement about the central importance of a building when it’s part of a huge and impressive development? That’s the question asked of designers of one of two office towers that are part of the $500 million Plaza Coral Gables. The three-block Mediterranean style project by developer Agave Ponce is in downtown Coral Gables, Florida, and includes retail, restaurants, entertainment, a luxury apartment building, a Loews hotel, and more.

Planar, Draper, and audiovisual integrator Pro Sound provided the perfect answer: A massive, 26 x 26-foot narrow pixel pitch LED video wall to grab attention and send a clear message about the importance of technology in the office buildings of today and beyond.

"The LED video wall is very impressive, and it drives home the point that the building is unlike anything else in the area," Chad Christensen, Technology Manager for Agave Ponce, said in a case study on the project prepared by Planar. "We use it to welcome new and prospective tenants to the building," Christensen said. "It lets them know that we understand how important it is to incorporate the latest technology in a Class A office building."

But while customers are blown away by what they see, what they don’t realize is everything going on behind the screens to help make it happen.

"We needed a high quality very large structure that we could provide a structure for the video wall and other trades to attach to," said Mark Wilson, account executive for Pro Sound and Video. "Draper was able to be flexible enough to meet all our needs."

The tailored structure designed and manufactured by Draper had to provide several functions. In addition to creating a precise and rigid mounting surface for the Planar® DirectLight® X LED Video Wall System, it had to accommodate other trades as well, while allowing the building’s air return to flow behind the wall on each side. The structure was also 8 feet taller than the video wall; roughly the bottom third of it was used to attach 4 by 8-foot sheets of granite.

With all that additional weight, the structure had to be especially strong and durable. But, most importantly, it had to be precise.

"The LED cabinets in this wall are narrow pixel pitch–1.8mm—so the margin of error is very small," said Grant Wylie, director of AV product management for Draper. "This structure had to be designed and manufactured with great precision to very tight tolerances so there is no hint of any lines running through the video wall. It needs to appear seamless and flawless, and we were able to accomplish that with this custom design."

The result is just what Agave Ponce wanted to achieve: a flawless, eye-catching display that will impress even the most discerning visitor.

"The video wall looks absolutely incredible in the space," Wilson told Planar. "It’s the standout feature of the room, just magnificent."

By Terry Coffey