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AV is Everywhere, and These Draper Projects Prove It
Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2021
AV is Everywhere, and These Draper Projects Prove It

Dec. 29, 2021 - One of the biggest changes in the spaces we all inhabit is the ubiquity of audiovisual equipment. From health care and educational facilities to public and private spaces it's becoming rarer to not find an AV presence.

Here are five recent examples of this "AV is everywhere" trend that use Draper AV solutions in an interesting or unique way.

Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, California

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum tells the story of the 37th President of the United States. Throughout the facility, audiovisual displays and interactive exhibits provide an immersive experience.

But things are different in a replica of the White House East Room. There, visitors find a more elegant and refined atmosphere, and the museum didn't want the AV to detract from that feeling.

AV dealer Production Access Group decided the best way to do this was to recess the AV equipment above the ceiling so it can't be seen when it isn't in use. The two 220-inch Ultimate Access XL V screens have closure panels that provide a seamless look when closed and open into the case to let the viewing surface down. (Those viewing surfaces are our industry leading TecVision ALR surfaces!)

The projector and speakers are mounted to four Scissor Lift SL4s. Each lift has a trim kit to blend in with the surrounding ceiling.

See more about the project in attached video.

The Plaza at Coral Gables, Coral Gables, Florida

Developer Agave Ponce wanted to make a statement about the importance of technology in the office buildings of today and beyond. Planar, Draper, and audiovisual integrator Pro Sound provided the perfect delivery mechanism: a massive, 26 x 26-foot narrow pixel pitch LED video wall. The tailored structure designed and manufactured by Draper creates a precise and rigid mounting surface for the Planar® DirectLight® X LED panels and accommodates other trades as well, while allowing the building's air return to flow behind the wall on each side. The structure is 8 feet taller than the video wall; roughly the bottom third of it is used to attach 4 by 8-foot sheets of granite.

See more about the project in attached video.

Arizona State University Health Futures Center, Phoenix, Arizona

The Health Futures Center is a flexible, comfortable space for presentations, medical education, and public programs. It features a 360-degree environment for better engagement between audience and presenter.

The space has four faceted Planar® TVF Series LED video walls. Each 8×8 video wall is roughly 16-feet-wide by 9-feet-high, with a 2.5mm pixel pitch and is concave to match the curved walls of the space.

The project was more difficult than usual because the videowalls are placed on the upper level of a two-story circular lecture hall, with no floor support available. In addition, the Draper structure needed enough flexibility to overcome differences between the architect's design and the actual placement and dimensions in the space—but not too much adjustability.

See more about the project in attached video.

Ball State University Foundational Sciences Building, Muncie, Indiana

A combination of factors, including simplicity, budget, and durability play into AV choices in classrooms. For immersive learning classrooms used by the Ball State Chemistry and Biology departments there was the additional factor of wanting to use recessed projection screens but having limited space.

The solution from Draper and Shoemaker Motion Picture Company was to use Access FIT E recessed projection screens with OptiView Matt White XT1000E viewing surfaces. The Access FIT case is designed specifically to save space above the ceiling while allowing for a recessed screen. The XT1000E is a durable surface that will provide many years of service.

See more about the project in attached video.

Private Home Theatre

How much would you be willing to spend on your home video screen? When Sony first brought its 4K Crystal LED (CLED) video wall technology into the residential market at the 2019 CEDIA Expo, media reports indicated their 219-inch setup was valued at more than $850,000.

Admittedly, the first residential CLED installation didn't likely rise to those meteoric heights. Still, the 176-inch diagonal 2.35:1 video wall required a lot of financial resources, and a lot of space, as well. It's 54 inches from the front of the CLED to the wall behind it, including 36 inches of space for accessing the back of the 40 LED panels.

Draper provided a custom structure that not only provides this access, but also integrates the placement of hidden speakers.

To learn the complete story behind this fabulous installation, click here.