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The Shape of Video Walls to Come
Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Jan. 19, 2022 - Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. And in the case of videowalls, shapes and sizes are two of the most innovative aspects of developing technologies.

In 1959, trumpeter Ornette Coleman signaled the innovations ahead in the world of music with his album “The Shape of Jazz to Come.” Coleman created new shapes, colors, and directions in musical improvisation and composition.

Like Coleman did with jazz in the 20th century, in the 21st century, LED makers and mount manufacturers like Draper are creating new shapes and directions in video wall. Here are a few excellent examples of how LED technology and precise mount fabrication are combining to create never-before possible videowalls.

Arizona State University Health Futures Center, Phoenix, Arizona. Four faceted Planar® TVF Series LED video walls. Each 8×8 video wall is roughly 16-feet-wide by 9-feet-high, with a 2.5mm pixel pitch and is concave to match the curved walls of the space.

McDonald's (Hamburger University). This project called for a videowall to curve vertically 90 degrees.

Heartland Church, Fishers, Indiana. Foundation Mount System 11.75ft W x 13.25ft H. Barco XT LED Panels, 2.5 Pixel Pitch. There are 72 dvLED panels in total in a portrait shape.

JFK International Airport. 504 Planar CLI Flex LED panels on a custom structure. The reverse side features a backlit graphic print.

InfoComm 2018. Custom angled video wall featuring 60 Planar CarbonLight CLI displays and 80 Planar CarbonLight CLI Flex displays. Mounted on a free-standing Icon Ace stand.

Route 66 Casino, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Custom curved LED video wall and mounting structure. Planar® CarbonLight™ CLI Flex™ LED panels.

AVI-SPL wave wall. 3×3 LG curved OLED wall. In addition to convex and concave curves, the structure is moveable on 8 casters for easier maintenance.

Those are just a few examples of our ability to work with LED manufacturers on projects that are shaping the coupling of art and technological innovation.

By Terry Coffey