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Draper® Stagescreen®—Still On The Road
Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

May 4, 2022 - As the event industry recovers from pandemic shutdowns, a major cost for rental and staging companies is having the necessary inventory to keep up with the variety of events. However, keeping a large inventory of different portable projection screen sizes can be an expensive proposition.

Long-time Draper® dealer Pat Mcgillen has found a way to balance inventory and cost issues by using the Draper StageScreen®. Mcgillen is a video engineer, projectionist, and system integrator. By using the StageScreen, instead of keeping complete screens, he can inventory various frame pieces and viewing surface sizes.

"Draper StageScreen is my only screen product line, and the only screen I use in the field," said Mcgillen. "As such, my customers don't even consider any other systems when they see the ease and versatility of the StageScreen system."

McGillen has created several StageScreen kits, each consisting of:

  • 20-4' sections
  • 2-3.5' sections
  • 4-3' sections
  • 2-2' sections
  • 16 stiffener bars
  • 4 corners

"This kit allows me to use all my various screen fabric sizes, 15×20, 18×24, 9×16, 15×26.5, 17×30, 15×35, and a few others," Mcgillen said. "Adding a few extra pieces and I can build my 17×40, 22.5×40 and 20×48."

Whether free standing or flown, all available StageScreen® sizes use a combination of six standard color-coded frame sections. Interchangeable parts make it easy to reuse modular frame pieces to create different size viewing formats.

Repairs and replacement can also reduce ROI. But the 8" (20 cm) truss design of the StageScreen makes it significantly stronger than traditional truss folding screens.

"I've had zero problems with wear and tear, bowing, or other issues with the frame system," said Mcgillen, "and some of my parts are going on 10 years now!"

We appreciate Pat's reaching out to us with these kind comments, and for the continued strong support from him and our other rental, staging, and events customers during the slow days of the pandemic.

For more information on the StageScreen, and to reach out to your Draper representative to set up your StageScreen inventory today, click here.


Model: StageScreen