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What Is a Smart Window Shade?
Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2022
What Is a Smart Window Shade?

July 20, 2022 - Smart home technology has taken the world by storm. The modern home includes everything from smart refrigerators to smart light bulbs.

Smart window shades are an integral part of the modern smart home. Draper@Home motorized shades are powered by Somfy to integrate into nearly any home control system.

What is a smart shade?

A smart shade is a motorized window treatment that connects to your home network. Just like other smart appliances and products, the shades can then be controlled in many ways, including app and voice. They can also be automated to operate at certain times of day. Integrators will often combine shade automation with other events, such as turning on or off lights, to create scenes for different times of day or various activities.

Smart or intelligent?

In addition to “smart” shading systems, you will also hear about “intelligent” shades. Draper@Home intelligent motors support two-way communication. That means your shades are telling the control system what position they are in. They may also share other information, such as remaining charge on a battery motor. This allows the automation system, in conjunction with sensors, to position shades according to current conditions.

Draper@Home is smart in other ways, too.

Draper@Home shades are also smart in other ways. Ways that have nothing to do with home automation. For instance, we use powder coat finishes rather than less environmentally friendly paint processes. All Draper@Home fabrics are GREENGUARD Gold certified to meet the world’s toughest off-gassing standards. And Draper@Home shades are the same durable and high-quality products trusted by architects and commercial building professionals. Three are no cardboard rollers of cheap parts to break down. That’s why we like to say Draper@Home shades are smart – inside and out!