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For over 70 years, Dynacord has designed and engineered professional audio electronics – products that offer unparalleled performance and premium quality, the perfect balance of power and precision. Industrial design combines finely tuned form with feature-rich functionality across every detail – clean lines and clean sound – and a dedication to durability.
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Dynacord Academy in Monterrey, Mexico
Posted on Monday, July 27, 2009
Dynacord Academy in Monterrey, Mexico


Dynacord Academy in Monterrey, Mexico
On April 15, 2009, Dynacord hosted an academy in Monterrey, Mexico, with the help of Mexican distributor Bravo Music. Held in a 100- by 150-foot area in Monterrey’s Parque Fundidora, the academy showcased an assortment of product lines, ranging from basic D-Lite configurations to full Cobra-4 loudspeaker systems.
The main PA for the Dynacord academy included a nine-per-side Cobra-4 rig (aligned using EASE-Focus), 24 Cobra-PWH bass horns, and six Cobra-4 system racks. The entire rig was configured in such a way that the HF resembled the natural curve of the LF; as a result, the music was tight across the entire frequency spectrum to the ends of the coverage area. Guests were particularly impressed by the level of control that the Cobra system offered, but perhaps the Cobra-4’s most impressive feat took place the day before the event, when the rig was assembled in very challenging conditions. Nicolas Betancur, Inside Sales Engineer for Latin America, Bosch Communications Systems, comments:
“We had to set up the system in the middle of high winds, which for any other system would have proved very challenging. The rig went up without a problem, which is really a great testament to how easy the Cobra-4 System is to use. There were no problems for us – the system was ready to go, and we were even able to tune it in those conditions as well. In my opinion, there is no other system out there that can be set up as easily, and nothing friendlier to operate under less-than-ideal conditions than a Cobra-4 system.”
Another big star of the show was the Dynacord D-Lite 1000, which impressed the academy crowd with its ability to provide full PA sound from an active-plug and play combo with eight-inch woofers and a 12-inch sub. A major lineup of the Dynacord portfolio was showcased as well, including XA systems, Variline, Power-H amplifiers, Powermate mixers and several loudspeaker controllers. Music from smooth vocal jazz to thumping electronic music ran through the different systems, wowing guests the entire night.
“Dynacord is a brand which has two things that appeal to our Latin American Market,” says Betancur. “First, a lot of us describe the Dynacord signature sound as “hi-fi sound out of a pro audio PA.” This is widely accepted as a great sounding loudspeaker throughout the Audio community. And secondly, this sound is not difficult to achieve. There is nothing more plug-and-play than a Dynacord system. It sounds just right once it’s connected. Not only does this make for a very fun PA, but it’s also a great tool for audio professionals who depend on a PA for success of their business. Be it a renter or a club owner, Dynacord is the quality-grade, hassle-free tool to use. We proved it at the academy – Dynacord is definitely worth the investment.”