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Electro-Voice EVA array proves a perfect fit for Christ Church United Methodist
Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Electro-Voice EVA array proves a perfect fit for Christ Church United Methodist

Each week, Christ Church United Methodist in Hoover, Alabama, augments the traditional choir service held in their original sanctuary with two contemporary worship services. These high-energy presentations are held in a converted gymnasium that seats about 500. When the time came to update and renovate the gym to better accommodate the high-energy rock music style, it was Nashville-based Morris Integration that got the call.

Morris Integration is the design-build division of Morris, with a business model that focuses on performance venue installations. Steve Land is the Director of Business Development for the firm.

“We had been speaking to the church about their long-term needs for a while, so when they gave us the green light, we already had a pretty good idea of what they wanted,” notes Land. “It’s a challenging room, very reflective, and the church wanted both clarity and power. They also said that they prefer a clean look, without a lot of chains and hardware if possible. The EVA from Electro-Voice was a perfect fit.”

Morris recommended a line-array loudspeaker system with twin four-speaker hangs of EVA-2082S mains, augmented by a center array of EVA-2151D subwoofers. A pair of full-range EVF-1122S/96 loudspeakers are used for front fills, with the entire system powered by just three Electro-Voice CPS 12.2 amplifiers. Processing is via an Electro-Voice DC-One loudspeaker controller.

The two main arrays feature versions of the EVA-2082S with identical drivers but different dispersion characteristics. The top two speakers in the arrays are EVA-2082S/906, providing 90-by-6-degree dispersion to cover the back of the room. Beneath them hang two visually identical 1220 models with a wider 120-by-20-degree pattern. Each contains dual eight-inch woofers and four 1.25-inch titanium high frequency drivers.

One of the four boxes in the EVA subwoofer array is actually aimed at the stage instead of the congregation. This allowed Morris to create a cardioid pattern effect – a tuned phase cancellation effect which significantly reduces low frequency output at the rear of the array. The benefits? Tighter-sounding low end, feedback prevention, and reduction of on-stage volume and vibration. The physical design of the EVA cabinets even allowed the team to modify the rear of the reversed subwoofer to accommodate the grille, maintaining the smooth, hardware-free look of the rest of the array.

Steve Land reports that the pastor and his team were thrilled with the results – a powerful, musical system with outstanding intelligibility for the spoken word. “We’ve had great success with the Electro-Voice EV-Innovation series in a number of worship spaces,” says Steve. “The EVA system delivers excellent value. The sound quality is exceptional and the look is refined and professional. Our friends at Christ Church United Methodist are happy, and that says it all.”