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Model: EVID-C8.1S-G2

The Electro-Voice EVID-C8.1S-G2 is a complete 8-inch coaxial two-way loudspeaker that offers excellent sound quality and outstanding reliability with firstclass aesthetics.
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Electro-Voice solution exceeds expectations at Kharkiv University
Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Electro-Voice solution exceeds expectations at Kharkiv University

Kharkiv, Ukraine, November 2018: A digitally controlled Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound system has improved audio quality at Kharkiv National University, one of Ukraine’s three major higher learning institutions. Powered by award-winning L Series amplifiers, the new installation exceeds audience coverage and sound pressure level requirements with fewer amplifiers than the previous system.

To meet the client’s brief of providing powerful and intelligible sound reproduction in the University’s events hall, systems integrator M-Art had to overcome the acoustic challenges of a high ceiling and numerous reflective surfaces, including a balcony at the rear end.

Following a detailed acoustic analysis of the room, M-Art and Electro-Voice partner SoundHouse Pro looked to the high sound pressure level and tightly focused dispersion of Electro-Voice Expandable Vertical Array (EVA) to solve the reflection and reverberation issues of the previous sound system. The new solution comprises left and right arrays of EVA-2082S dual element cabinets, flown at 6.2 metres and angled inwards to avoid reflections from the VIP audience boxes closest to the stage.

Each array consists of four EVA enclosures, each of which contains two line array elements. The top two enclosures deliver 6° vertical dispersion for longer throw, while the bottom two offer 20° vertical dispersion for near-field coverage. Concealed hardware means the close-packed arrays occupy only two metres of vertical space, and the décor-matched paint finish ensures that they perfectly blend with the room. Providing low frequency support are two Electro-Voice TX2181 subwoofers installed in customised recesses under the stage. Two Dynacord L2800FD DSP amplifiers power the entire speaker system, without the need for external DSP controllers.

“The measurements that were taken once the installation was complete verified that the audio performance was better than expected, with even coverage of all the seats across all frequency bands plus high speech intelligibility,” says SoundHouse Pro Marketing Manager Stanislav Serbin. “Our client was absolutely satisfied with both the quality and the power of the Electro-Voice and Dynacord solution and the high quality of the project and installation.”