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Britain freezes but Electro-Voice keeps on working
Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2011
Britain freezes but Electro-Voice keeps on working

 In a country obsessed with its weather, the British were secretly delighted by the Big Freeze in December, which provided an excuse to talk endlessly about snow and ice and sub-Arctic temperatures. Down at Wakehurst Place, the country estate of Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens, it was touch-and-go for Show Hire’s Nick Chubb and his EV ZX3 system – would both of them survive an outdoor concert in -7°C?

Wakehurst Place, the National Trust’s most visited property, is famed for its festive carols, which usually attract 3,000 people to a service in front of the largest Christmas tree in the UK. For Nick Chubb, the first alarm bells rang when he had to push his van the last few yards of a 40-mile journey that had taken nearly 5 hours!
“With temperatures plummeting to -7°C, I was concerned for the loudspeakers, wondering at what temperature the rubber would freeze up completely. But they performed superbly, freeing me up to be concerned for myself: although my crew had taken refuge indoors, I was at front-of-house where I had to take my gloves off to mix, wondering at what temperature my fingers might drop off altogether!”