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Press Release - FBT introduces EvoMaxX Series Powered and Passive 2 way Speakers, Subs and SUBLine Powered Subwoofers
Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Press Release

June 7, 2011


FBT Introduces EvoMaxx Series Powered and Passive Speakers

and SubLine Powered Subwoofers


Evolving from the FBT Maxx Series, FBT has introduced its FBT EvoMaxx Series Speakers, consisting of 3 powered 2 way speakers, 3 passive models and a powered subwoofer, all constructed in lightweight polypropylene cabinets.  Like all FBT branded products, the EvoMaxx Speakers are Completely Manufactured in Italy. 


Tom Concorde, FBT USA V.P. states: “The EvoMaxx Series offers a high quality Italian made product line that offers More Value for the Money, with price points that are very much the same as many competitors like type offerings that are produced in China.

With a somewhat soft economy, both M.I. Dealers and end users are looking to purchase portable powered speaker products that provide superb sound reproduction at high power, high SPL and innovative features at low price points, and the EvoMaxx speakers do just that.”


EvoMaxx 2 way powered models feature: 800w LF, 200w HF Class D amplifiers with switch mode power supply, DSP with 4 EQ presets, XLR in/link out, HP filter and ground lift switches, FBT’s S.T.E.P.  (soft trip electronic protection) circuitry to prevent component failures, and 3 LED status indicators. The EvoMaxx 9sa Sub features: 1200w Class D amp, Stereo XLR Ins, link thru, Stereo XLR HP filtered outs for connecting 2 way powered satellite speakers, DSP with 2 EQ presets, 2 adjustable crossover settings, phase reversal switch.


EvoMaxx 2a: 10” Woofer, 1.4” B&C HF Driver, 21 lbs. 128 db SPL, MSRP: $834.00

EvoMaxx 4a: 12” Woofer, 1.4 B&C HF Driver, 28 lbs. 130 db SPL, MSRP: $999.00

EvoMaxx 6a: 15” Woofer, 1.7” B&C HF Driver, 47 lbs. 131 db SPL, MSRP: $1199.00

EvoMaxx 9sa Sub: 1200w, 15” Woofer, 48 lbs., 132 dB SPL, MSRP: $1249.00

Passive models are: EvoMaxx 2, 4 and 6.



The New Subline Series powered subwoofers feature: Baltic Birch plywood cabinets, M-20  pole mount, custom made B&C woofers, Class D Amplifiers with XLR stereo ins/outs, link thru, DSP with EQ and crossover presets, 6 step digital delay presets to time align response with 2 way satellite speakers,  FBT’s S.T.E.P  protection circuitry , phase reversal switch, 3 LED status indicators.


All EvoMaxx and Subline Series speakers are covered by a 3 yr. Warranty.


Contact FBT USA: 800-333-9383   Websites: www.fbtusa.net  www.fbt.it