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Midas PRO6 educates next generation at BRIT School
Posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Midas PRO6 educates next generation at BRIT School

Midas has supplied a PRO6 live audio system to the BRIT Performing Arts & Technology School in Croydon, South London. The PRO6 was purchased as part of an upgrade to the main performance space, which hosts a wide ranging arts program, including gigs, contemporary dance, theatre, musical theatre, art exhibitions and awards evenings. It will also be used for mini tours around the country.


The school’s main criteria for a console in the teaching environment was it should not only be easy to use and to teach the students to operate, but would be something they would encounter once working out in the ‘real’ world.


“There were a number of reasons why we went with PRO6,” says Alex Marchant, who oversees all live sound training at the BRIT School. “Sound quality was of primary importance, and we were already aware of the sound quality produced by Midas products, coupled with very good advice from John Newsham at Funktion One – who supplied the school with a new PA system – on his experience with the Midas XL4 and XL3.


“We were lucky to be able to road test three manufacturers’ consoles and really compare the different products, and in the end it all came down to what was being used in the industry, ease of use, audio quality and the footprint of the console.


“We also went with this console to achieve high quality training for students that want to move straight into the industry, as we feel the PRO6 will stand them in good stead.”


Marchant is particularly impressed with the PRO6’s features such as POPulation Groups which enable fast navigation to groups of channels; its onboard effects, particularly the delay which is proving a favourite with students and staff alike; and the console’s small footprint, which enables it to be squeezed into tight spaces when the need arises. The addition of DL431 mic splitters were also a big plus, providing the necessary three-way split to the monitor and recording consoles and acting as the hub of the system. However for Marchant, the over-riding quality is the sound. “I couldn’t quite believe I was listening to a digital board,” he says.


“So far our students are very excited about being able to use the PRO6, and those interested in a career in live sound see this as a huge advantage to them and their training. We are also in the first stage of making the console available to other users outside the BRIT School environment, for example under resourced school and colleges.


“Having Midas involved in the school is a huge step in training the next generation in audio engineering,” Marchant concludes. “The BRIT School is very lucky to have four companies that pride themselves in audio excellence: Midas, Funktion One, Britannia Row Productions and Audio Plus. These companies strive to offer tomorrow’s engineers good equipment and good experience. They are a constant support to our students, and we are confident this will lead to a bigger and better future.”


About the BRIT School:
The BRIT Performing Arts & Technology School is a City College for the Technology of the Arts. It is a state school, independent of any Local Education Authority and all places are free. The School is the first of its kind in the UK dedicated to education and vocational training for the performing arts and the technology which makes performance possible.