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RDL Introduces Two Decora®-Style Active Loudspeakers
Posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2015
RDL Introduces Two Decora®-Style Active Loudspeakers RDL is pleased to introduce the D SERIES-PSP1 and D SERIES-PSP1A Decora-Style Active Loudspeakers. These two new speakers deliver rich, detailed sound in Decora-compatible wall or chassis mounts. Differences: The D SERIES-PSP1A is a single-pair audio amplifier module compatible with RDL Format A twisted pair products. RDL’s Format A twisted pair products send, receive and distribute audio signals over CATx cable and connect using RJ45 connectors. The -PSP1A receives audio and 24 Vdc power through a rear-panel RJ45 jack. The D SERIES-PSP1 accepts either a -10 dBV unbalanced or a +4 dBu balanced signal on the rear-panel detachable terminal block. Commonalities: Amplification for both speakers is provided by a high-efficiency Class D power stage with audio filtering tailored for crisp, pleasant audio clarity. The high-efficiency Class D output stage produces negligible heat for all levels of expected voice or music modulation. The amplified output level is controlled by a front-panel volume control. The speakers include an analog compressor/limiter that makes higher sound output levels possible without clipping. The neodymium driver creates audio clarity and frequency response expected from larger speakers. The unique steel enclosure provides full baffling in a tightly sealed rigid structure. This produces sonic presence within an extended frequency range expected from larger speakers. Internal filtering rolls off out-of-band frequencies to reduce distortion and increase peak power capability. Dispersion covers a hemispherical area of nearly 180 degrees with the speaker mounted in a wall. The versatile Decora format and all-metal design allow the speakers to be installed into a wide variety of environments and applications, including; intercom systems, kiosks, house of worship cry rooms, narthex and corridors, zoned PA systems, museum information stations, outdoor patios, theme parks attractions, desktop audio, bathrooms/restrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, medical facilities and anywhere a high quality, compact, wall or surface mounted speaker is required. RDL offers a variety of mounting accessories for these two speakers including wall mounts, surface mounts, desktop chassis, Decora cover plates, rack mounts and international wall boxes. Models are available with grills in white, stainless steel, black or gray.