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Setting IP Addresses of Dante™ Devices
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Jan. 19, 2024 - In order for Dante devices to communicate with a computer loaded with DANTE CONTROLLER, the Dante devices and the computer must first be on the same network (in the same range of IP addresses). If not on the same network, Dante Controller will discover and display the names of the devices, but will not be able to communicate with them.

By default, Dante devices obtain IP addresses dynamically. If a DHCP server is not found by the Dante device, the device will assign itself an APIPA address that will be in the range of through

To communicate with the Dante device, you must first set the Local Area Connection of the computer with Dante Controller to “Obtain an IP Address Automatically”. When the Dante devices are connected to the computer through a network switch, the Dante device and computer will automatically obtain compatible IP addresses. We can then, through Dante controller, perform audio routing, configure the devices audio and network attributes.

In some installations it may be desirable to apply Static IP addresses. This will avoid issues such as a Dante device momentarily muting when its address is changed due to DHCP lease reservations.  If a static address is assigned to the device and if that address is outside the range of the computer with Dante Controller then communication will be severed. To reestablish communications, the computer must be assigned a static address within the range of the Dante network.

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