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Why future-proof UC technologies and solutions are more important today than ever before
Posted on Thursday, December 2, 2021
Why future-proof UC technologies and solutions are more important today than ever before

And how this affects current product development at Sennheiser

December 02, 2021 - Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have started their triumphant march with the COVID-19 pandemic and are becoming increasingly important among a wide variety of user groups. Especially Microsoft Teams was a strong base for remote work around the globe. As of October 2021, Microsoft Teams had 145 million daily active users. The great success of the popular online collaboration platform is not a short-term trend. As hybrid work has established itself from an interim solution to a permanent component in business and education, employees expect that their familiar collaboration platform remains an essential part of their work experience, no matter if they join a meeting remotely or on site like before the pandemic. Companies that want to continue to perform successfully in this new environment and remain interesting for applicants must rethink and, if necessary, adapt the ways of working in their company. The market offers many exciting opportunities and technologies within the Unified Communication approach. Paying tribute to the success  and popularity of Microsoft Teams during the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are setting up their meeting spaces to be Microsoft Teams Rooms already. We took a close look at what this is all about.

Unified Communication: Ensures 100% integration in a time of change

Unified Communication (UC) is a term that describes the integration of communication media in a uniform application environment. The UC approach is based on the idea that all communication channels, end devices and media are integrated with the aim of optimizing communication of all employees or users, regardless of location and in real time. This makes UC a fundamental prerequisite in the hybrid world of work. UC products include technical equipment, software and services that provide and combine multiple enterprise communications channels, such as video, messaging, voicemail, and content sharing. Unified communication solutions aim to simplify communication within companies and thus increase productivity. One of the most widely used UC platforms is the Microsoft Teams app which owes its popularity, among other things, to its integration with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams Rooms: A native UC solution for an immersive meeting experience

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) is a cloud-based, UC solution as it combines the virtual workspace of Microsoft Teams with "real-world" meeting rooms that feature AV equipment from hardware partners certified by Microsoft for the Teams Room experience to ensure a reliable, high-quality audio and video experience – no matter if you join the meeting from the room or remotely. With flexible work growing ever more important, it is this high-quality, immersive experience that is as inclusive and reliable for remote participants as well as on-site members of a meeting that takes team collaboration to the next level as it meets the requirements of communication in the hybrid world of work perfectly.

We all need solutions at the pulse of time

The latest developments in UC (including  the rise of MTR) and the need for companies and all economic players to take action in order to remain productive and drive their business forward in times of crisis, but also in general in times like these, calls for appropriate solutions.

As a company, we are no different. Our top priority is, and always has been, to open up a product experience for its customers that integrates into their own personal working habitat and at the same time keeps up with the times and resulting requirements. That's why, for example, our TeamConnect Ceiling 2 ceiling microphone is now Microsoft Teams certified as well as Zoom certified.

As audio expert we are aware of the immense potential of MTR. That's why we are putting our heart and soul into creating a solution that supports people's current and emerging needs in their everyday work.