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Since 1945, Sennheiser has been known as one of the leading Professional Audio companies in the world. Our Business Communications division is here to be your first choice for state-of-the-art and reliable audio interfaces that make your working and learning environments easier.

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Small cardioid clip-on microphone especially for speech applications in noisy environment. Feedback-rejecting. High speech intelligibility. Easy attachment on clothing.
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Posted on Friday, November 13, 2009



Over 13,000 new church leaders at the recent Catalyst Conference in Atlanta's Gwinnett Arena listened to over a dozen bands using the new Sennheiser SKM 2000 wireless vocal microphones.


ATLANTA, GEORGIA - NOVEMBER 2009: For nearly a decade now, The Catalyst Conference has been inspiring and guiding the next generation of church leaders. From a modest 1,500 attendees in its first year, the annual event has grown tremendously, with a capacity crowd of over 13,000 leaders packing into the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta, Georgia for this year's two-day event.

Dustin Whitt mixed FOH for over a dozen bands in those two days, relying on four Sennheiser SKM 2000 wireless vocal mics, ten Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 wireless personal monitors, and a complete Sennheiser evolution 900 Series drum mic kit with MKH 8040s for overheads.


Whitt is the audio director at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, the nation's third largest church (and gaining!) and co-founder of OwnTheMix.com, an online audio training solution for the modern church and winner of Worship Leader Magazine's 2009 Editor's Pick. The Sennheiser SKM 2000 advances the RF leader's technology to deliver auto-tuning capability and ever-more robust RF performance. "Having previously demo'd a 2000 system, I fully expected that the SKM 2000 would be the perfect tool for this job," said Whitt.


"What I didn't expect," he continued, "was to be so completely blown away by the MMK 965 condenser capsule! It seems to punch through a mix in the most pleasing way. It's not harsh or painful in the least, but rather a perfect blend of clarity, presence and warmth." Whitt observed that vocalists seldom get too excited about the gear they have to use, and their banter is usually about new bands or their favorite TV shows. But with four SKM 2000s with 965 capsules on stage, and over a dozen acts getting to use them, it was all the buzz. "Everyone was talking about that microphone like it was the latest hit single!" he laughed.


Much of the rest of the stage benefitted from Sennheiser wired and wireless technology. Everyone, except the drummer, used Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3. For his signature drum sound, Whitt used Sennheiser e 901, e 902, and e 904 for close mic'ing and Sennheiser MKH 8040 cardioid condensers for overheads. "I used to mix-and-match my drum mics," explained Whitt. "But ever since I went with the full Sennheiser package, everything sits together better. The mics are complementary in a way that makes the whole system work together with minimal tweaking."


Whitt and his business partner, Chris Green, frequently recommend Sennheiser microphones and RF technology on OwnTheMix.com. "I always feel that Sennheiser mics and RF technology offer a lot of professionalism at a semi-pro price," added Witt. "The sound quality is excellent and the RF reliability is unmatched."



Sennheiser is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is now a global brand represented in 60 countries around the world with U.S. headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Sennheiser's pioneering excellence in technology has rewarded the company with numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy, a Grammy, and the Scientific and Engineering Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.