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Raising Questions About Dynamic Height Adjustment
Posted on Friday, July 1, 2016

Chief showcased the new Fusion Dynamic Height Adjust Mounts (DHA) at InfoComm in June. This solution allows for 15.75 inches of immediate height adjustment in wall, cart and floor support forms to increase access to interactive displays.

One big benefit of a show like InfoComm is the opportunity to get direct feedback and questions from integrators and installers on the solution. Seeing is really believing for the DHA solutions – to get a good feel for the ease of movement.

Post InfoComm, we caught up with Kathryn Gaskell, Senior Product Manager, about Dynamic Height Adjustment to get answers to some of the common questions we heard.


Why DHA vs. Electric Lifts?

“We were already working toward the DHA and didn’t see any advantages for an electric version. It’s something else you need to plug in. It’s a slow response. It adds a complexity that may be more than necessary. The technology we partnered with for DHA is simple, easy to use for all users, responds quickly, and is reliable.”

How does DHA fit in with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements?

“With ADA requirements, you need to provide access to interactive products to a range of people – tall, short and those in sitting positions. DHA allows people to adjust the height of the interactive display to meet their personal comfort zone. Being able to bring the maximum height of the interactive content to 48” meets that requirement.”


What extra steps need to be taken to fulfill ADA requirements?

“Interactive displays are already deep, so adding a mount is going to push the display out beyond the 4-inch limits when adding DHA in hallways for wayfinding. A structure should be added to the floor below the wall unit as wide as the display to meet sight assist needs.” 

(Note: ADA 4-inch rules are for “circulation paths” which are defined as an exterior or interior ways of passage like walks, hallways, courtyards, elevators, etc.)

What more should be communicated about ADA requirements?

“It’s not an inexpensive investment, so it’s important for customers to understand that. The cart version helps to share the interactive technology from room to room. It’s exciting to see interactive grow, and this solution allows it to grow even more.”

How does storage work with DHA?

“The cart and floor support solutions come with storage space. Each solution is also compatible with many Fusion accessories – including shelves, storage and speaker adapters. Check the product page accessory tab for more information on specific accessories.”