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Fusion Modular Series Brings New Flexibility to Multi-Display Design
Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chief has launched a new modular approach to multi-display solutions. The Fusion Modular Series uses common components of Fusion multi-display mounts and a new online configurator to give customers the ability to build and order the parts necessary to meet their exact application requirements.

“We have 59 SKUs for multi-display ceiling, wall and floor mounted solutions, but customers wanted more flexibility to be creative, to work outside ‘standard’,” said Kathryn Gaskell, Product Manager. “With the new Modular Series mounts and online configurator, they will be able to input the number of displays, display model and configuration details and the tool creates a list of all the parts needed to safely build it.”

Customers will be able to buy the pieces of Fusion needed to create multi-display installations to order. The tool will provide the user with the correct length of extrusion as well as the number and type of interface brackets and wall plates. The first phase includes wall- and ceiling-mounted menu boards. Multi-row ceiling mounts will be added later this year.

Features of the new configurator include:

  • Supports any menu board configuration
  • Allows for non-standard installs, such as multiple display sizes, mixed portrait/landscape and gaps between displays
  • Mobile-friendly configurator built directly in to milestone.com and integrated with Chief’s industry-leading MountFinder database
  • See MSRP pricing and order directly from milestone.com if you have an account
  • Configuration URL can be saved for future reference
  • Mounting System maintains installation benefits of standard Fusion Menu Boards
  • Compatible with a suite of standard Fusion accessories

“We can’t wait to see the exciting projects that have now become possible with our modular system,” Gaskell said. “You tell us what you’re planning, and we provide everything you need to make it happen. The only limit is imagination.”

See the online configurator at www.milestone.com/FusionConfigurator.