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Introducing the Crestron AirMedia Connect Wireless Conferencing Kits
Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2023
Introducing the Crestron AirMedia Connect Wireless Conferencing Kits

Crestron presents a BYOD solution with no apps to download or software to deploy

Sept. 7, 2023 - As the worst days of the pandemic began to wane, a new reality took hold; a state of work that has been referred to as “hybrid permanence.” That reality was summed up nicely in a Crestron report titled Tackling the Modern Workplace by the Numbers:

Companies have largely reached a hybrid equilibrium where, on any given day, half the employees are remote, and half are in the office. The time to reinvent the hybrid meeting is now. Though the workplace environment will continue to evolve, data shows that IT teams are prioritizing flexible and scalable technology solutions that enable collaboration and platform continuity for employees wherever they work.

That evolving workplace came with the rise of the need to incorporate BYOD — “bring your own device” — solutions in rooms of every size. And with that need came growing problems.

For example? Although this paragraph first appeared on the Crestron blog in March of 2022, it’s still as relevant as ever:

When more devices are added to any system, or when guests arrive with their own machines or a staffer decides to present some content in a BYOD situation, a constant worry has been interoperability: Will all this stuff work and play well together?

Troubleshooting BYOD Solutions

As workers move from the home office to a company’s in-person space, as collaborators move from space to space in any setting that demands seamless communications technology, the questions about sharing or presenting content are always there: How can I make this work properly? Will I need to download an app or some third-party software to connect to a system? How long will that process take? How complicated will all this be?

Crestron has an answer, a suite of products that allow for rapid, uncomplicated, one-touch collaboration: AirMedia® wireless presentation and conferencing systems. And now that suite includes a pair of kits that make seamless, secure, wireless connectivity as easy as plugging a dongle into a USB-C® port.

These simple kits include everything your organization needs to effectively incorporate an elegant, easy-to-use Crestron wireless conferencing solution perfect for BYOD situations.

The Crestron AirMedia Connect Wireless Conferencing Kits

These two packages include all the technology you’ll need to ensure near-instant connectivity. It’s a solution that speeds workflow in almost any setting, from enterprise to educational deployments. The result: The friction-free ability to share and present with far fewer delays — or calls to the help desk.

At the heart of this solution is the Crestron AirMedia Connect Adaptor. As we wrote a few months ago when the device was introduced:

The AirMedia Connect Adaptor looks pretty simple — but that belies its capabilities. The dongle appears a bit like an oversized hockey puck with a short, sturdy USB-C cable and an indicator light that lines the perimeter of the disc. There’s magic in that “puck.”

There’s no software to install, no apps to download — simply plug the device into, say, a laptop that you’ve been shuttling from your home office, and just like that, you’re collaborating.

What’s In the Kits?

  • The AM3-111 includes:
  • One AM-3100-WF AirMedia® Receiver
  • One AM-TX3-100 Crestron AirMedia® Connect Adaptor

The AM3-212 includes:

  • One AM-3200-WF AirMedia® Receiver
  • Two AM-TX3-100 Crestron AirMedia® Connect Adaptors
  • One AM-TX3-100-CRADLE

The Details

The AM3-111 kit includes one AM-3100-WF, while the AM-212 kit includes the AM-3200-WF AirMedia® Receiver with Wi Fi® Network Connectivity, brilliant little boxes that are “easy to deploy and manage … in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lounges, lobbies, or almost any space to establish a productive meeting environment.” Once the receiver’s set up (a process that takes mere minutes), it’s ready for a signal from an AirMedia transmitter — including, of course, the AirMedia Connect Adaptor.

The kit dubbed the AM3-111 also includes one AM-TX3-100 Crestron AirMedia® Connect Adaptor, while the AM3-212 kit features two of the aforementioned adaptors and a storage cradle with room for a total of four adaptors to keep things organized. Once the kit is up and running, expanding the system with more adaptors is as easy as pairing the first dongle.

No matter what your organization needs, Crestron has the tools to help you get connected — quickly, easily, and with the least amount of friction possible.