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Electro-Voice launches Dx46 FIR-Drive Sound System Processor at InfoComm 2010 (Booth C6302)
Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Electro-Voice launches Dx46 FIR-Drive Sound System Processor at InfoComm 2010 (Booth C6302)


Las Vegas, Nev., June 9, 2010: Electro-Voice has once again raised the bar for pro audio electronics design with the new Dx46 FIR-Drive Sound System Processor, launching globally at InfoComm 2010.
Extending the legacy of such legendary DSPs as the Dx34, Dx38 and NetMax N8000, the Dx46 combines ease of use and flexibility of control with the industry’s most advanced DSP technology: FIR-Drive.
Previous only available in EV’s N8000 system controllers and RCM-26 module-equipped Tour Grade series amplifiers, the FIR-Drive system employs state-of-the-art Finite Impulse Response filters and processing to provide linear phase performance for sonic clarity and improved pattern control beyond all other DSP and system drive packages.
Dx46 brings FIR-Drive performance to a new, more compact form factor, at a price point that makes it accessible for a wide range of portable and installed audio applications. The most powerful 1RU DSP unit available, it offers six channels of 512-tap, complex-phase FIR filters in addition to EV’s state-of-the-art PA Limiter and TEMP Limiter algorithms.
A USB interface offers convenient local connection while an Ethernet interface with an integrated switch is on hand for more advanced connectivity. Five GPI ports provide input for contact closures or other hardware interfaces.
The IRIS-Net software control platform allows complete integration of an EV sound system, including amplifiers, additional external controls and much more. Providing complete control, configuration and supervision through standard or customized interfaces, IRIS-Net allows the ultimate in flexibility for controlling what you want to control, how you want to control it.
Advanced DSP
Dx46 provides complete input processing, with graphic EQ, PEQ and delay, and a complete FIR-Drive-optimized output stage, including crossover, EQ and dynamics. It even provides specialized Array EQ and Array Delay blocks on each output. Configuring and adjusting highly specialized arrayed, clustered or zoned systems has never been easier!
Key features:
  • 2 x 6 FIR-Drive loudspeaker system processor
  • Analog and AES/EBU inputs
  • Full IRIS-Net control and configuration
  • Ethernet and USB data interfaces
  • Full loudspeaker protection package, including PA and TEMP limiters
  • Dedicated array EQ and delay sections for advanced applications
  • -6 dB switchable analog pad inserted before A/D converters on inputs
  • Four separate delay sections
  • Five contact closure inputs
  • 60 factory presets
  • 30 user presets
  • Unique Edit/Compare mode