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FBT Introduces ProMaxx Series Powered and Passive Speakers
Posted on Monday, November 29, 2010
FBT Introduces ProMaxx Series Powered and Passive Speakers


FBT Introduces ProMaxX Series
Powered & Passive Speaker Systems
FBT is introducing its’ New ProMaxX Series Powered and Passive Speaker Systems. Completely designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, the ProMaxx Series consists of three 2-way powered speakers and three 2-way passive speakers in lightweight gas injected molded polypropylene cabinets, and a 1200wRMS powered subwoofer, constructed in Baltic birch plywood.
The three powered 2-way models, the ProMaxX 14a, ProMaxX12a, ProMaxX 10a, all feature 600wRMS Class D LF amps and 300wRMS HF Class D amps with switch mode power supplies to provide over 90% efficiency. The amps circuitry is enclosed in an aluminum chassis, which acts as a heat sink to eliminate thermal shutdowns and the use of a fan to cool the amplifiers circuitry. Instead of rotary EQ controls, a new control panel features a DSP with 8 factory EQ presets to provide easy EQ adjustment for a variety of applications, making the powered ProMaxX 2 way models practically 8 speakers in one. The control panels’ also feature balanced XLR in / signal thru out, a high pass filter switch, ground lift switch, volume control and power on, limiter / protect and peak LED indicators.
All 2-way cabinets feature a new and original 90°H x 60° constant directivity horn profile, providing extremely accurate and uniform HF dispersion for the entire frequency radiation angle, not just for the horizontal and vertical plane. The ProMaxX cabs have 4 bass Reflex ports to increase radiation of low frequencies and LF SPL. The 2 way models provide 3 monitor tapers at 12°, 40°, and 55°, to allow flexibility when the ProMaxX speakers are used as floor monitors,
2 integrated ergonomic carrying handles, a built in 1 3/8” speaker stand cup, and two M-10 fly points for connection to optional FBT wall / ceiling mounting brackets for permanent installations.
All ProMaxX speakers feature neodymium magnet woofers with die cast aluminum frames and neodymium magnet HF Drivers with titanium diaphragms, custom made for FBT by B&C Speakers. The ProMaxx14a, features a new unique 14” woofer, to deliver a similar LF frequency response of 15”, in a smaller, yet more efficient package. Thanks to all these new design features, the ProMaxX 2 way models deliver the highest SPL output in their class and for their size to weight ratio. ProMaxX 14a: 14” woofer, 2.5” HF driver, biamped 600w & 300w RMS, 135.5dB SPL, 36.4 lbs. ProMaxX 12a: 12” woofer, 1.4” HF driver, biamped 600w &300w RMS, 133dB, 33 lbs. ProMaxX 10a: 10” woofer, 1.4” HF driver, 131dB SPL, 24.7 lbs. The three passive 2 way models have similar SPL ratings and weigh about 3 lbs. less respectively.
Complimenting the two-way models and to provide additional LF SPL, is the ProMaxX 15sa Powered Subwoofer, with a bandpass designed 5/8” Baltic birch plywood cabinet featuring a neodymium magnet die cast aluminum frame 15” dual coil woofer, custom made for FBT by B&C speakers. Powered by FBT’s New 1200wRMS Class D amplifier with a switch mode power supply, it also follows the same design parameter as the 2 way models, with the amps circuitry enclosed in a aluminum die cast chassis. The ProMaxx15sa delivers solid LF punch down to 38Hz and delivers 136dB SPL. The control panel features Left & Right Channel balanced XLR in / signal thru outs and XLR Filtered outs for connection to powered 2 way satellite speakers, DSP with Eight presets: 4 EQ and 4 Adjustable Crossover frequency selections, user adjustable delay settings, 0-180° phase reversal switch, ground lift switch. The FBT ProMaxx series is now shipping in the USA. For additional info visit www.fbtusa.net , www.fbt.it or contact FBT USA at 800-333-9383.