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Customizable, Budget-Friendly Furniture – Myth or Reality?
Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Customizable, Budget-Friendly Furniture – Myth or Reality?

We're faced-paced and materialistic – nothing you haven't already heard. It's universally known that as a society, we're constantly looking for the best deal now, now, now but let's be honest, it's hard not to be this way. On a daily basis, we're constantly bombarded with deals left and right for a can't-miss savings or get-it-while -it-lasts offer. It's therefore unsurprising that just the word "custom" can cause a physical recoil. Why? Through experience, most people come to find, more often than not, that you get what you pay for – if it's cheap in cost, it's cheap in design and if it's custom, it must cost a fortune. For that reason, it's naturally quite hard to find a worthwhile deal, especially when it comes to commercial furnishings.

One universal problem with budget-friendly commercial furniture is that consumers often find themselves buying something that fits their finances but crumbles to pieces within a year. Typically, because there's a lot that goes into product cost (materials, labor, the manufacturing process, profit, shipping, etc.) it's predictable that a lot of variables are sacrificed as a way to reduce delivered price. Not much of a deal though if your furniture is in shambles. And frankly, it's simply not fair to ask smaller businesses and institutions to compromise on quality simply because they don't have a fortune to spend re-vamping their offices, conference rooms and classrooms.

The other ever-present issue at hand is that of customization. Customers want what customers want and a manufacturer's responsibility is to try and meet their needs but it's difficult with budget-friendly furniture. As we mentioned before, it's typical that consumers are left with little to no ability to tailor their commercial furniture to their needs without paying a pretty penny. And who wants to shell out money for a unit that isn't even close to what they want?

That's where we come in. We're aware that we might not be everyone's first choice for economy furniture- it's often assumed that due to our high-quality work, we couldn't possibly offer a custom, cost-effective unit. After all, from the information we just gave, you're probably thinking: does such an item even exist? Well, as you've probably guessed by now, the introduction you just read was all a precursor to our resounding answer of "yes." We aim to prove that, unlike others, at Marshall Furniture, you can get what you want, you can get a quality, long-lasting piece of furniture and you can get it in your price range.

Allow us to elaborate:

If you peruse around our webpage or through our Idea Book, you'll see we offer an widespread line of furniture called "Quick Ship." We developed this line as an answer to a long standing need from consumers . They were drawn to our customization abilities but required a lower base price for their furniture.

With our Quick Ship pieces, we give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of standard sizes and finishes with options that accommodate your existing technology. We've got a variety of low-cost lecterns, workstations, monitor carts, credenzas, tables, rack cabinets, rack boxes, wall cabinets, desks and desktop lecterns. Depending on model type and size, you can incorporate LCD mounts, small touch panels and cable reservoirs, microphones, lighting, rack railing for equipment storage, drop leaf shelves and document camera drawers. Some units we construct with melamine, a low-pressure laminate, and others we manufacture like our custom lecterns using the same fine veneers.

That's nice, but what makes you so special?

Okay, we expect you're wondering what sets us apart from others who also claim to offer economy furniture. The answer is multi-faceted but simple. We apply quality craftsmanship to our Quick Ship pieces in the same way we do our custom products while consistently offering more customization options than others at a relatively competitive price. Plus, with Marshall Furniture, you're getting a piece of furniture that is covered by our generous 10-year warranty, is made in America and has options that comply with guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Okay, so how much customization can I get?

Unlike some other manufacturers, our Quick Ship products are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Imagine you've got a client who doesn't require much but still wants a quality piece of furniture for their application. Or, the job requires the complete opposite: a rather large desk with hydraulic lift for ADA purposes, rack rails for equipment, and cut outs and accommodations for touch panels and monitors atop the surface. With our Quick Ship line, we've got you covered either way.

The main element of "customization" that our Quick Ship line offers is options. We give you size options, finish options, add-on options, mobility options, work surface options, and much more. We offer the ability to machine the top surface on any of our Quick Ship products for small cut outs (touch panels, microphones, cable reservoirs, etc.) for no charge. Some of our models offer standard 270 degree hinge doors while others have doors that pocket inside the unit. We offer round or square add-on corners that can be specified as either black or aluminum. We've got wall cabinets that are low profile, have adequate ventilation elements and offer the ability to hold between 1-6 rack units. Not to mention, our Quick Ship lecterns accommodate most custom logo types and can incorporate additional cable pass and ventilation as required per customer.

Also, unlike most economy furniture, we make an effort to give you a product that reflects the high-quality look and construction of custom pieces. We want to give end users a custom feel without the custom price. For example, take a glance at our ELCO and EXEC pieces – they are modeled to represent the aesthetic of our most popular custom style: Prairie. Our MRTA? Reminiscent of our Radius style and the ELCO-T bears resemblance to our Traditional style custom lectern.

Wait – you mentioned ADA, what's that all about?

The Americans with Disabilities Act sets guidelines for facilities to follow when it comes to components such as furniture. For us, this means we must ensure the furniture has adequate knee space and hydraulic lift so both seated and standing presenters can use the unit comfortably. Further, ADA compatible units must ensure equal access to controls by ensuring all components on the surface are easily within reach.

To satisfy these guidelines, we offer several units, one of them being our SCM-640L desk. As a standard, this desk has height adjust, rack railing for equipment storage, pocket door to eliminate interference, side drop leaf shelf for additional work surface space, and the ability to include an articulating monitor arm or electric lifting monitor mount. Cut outs for touch panels and cable wells are also available.

If your space requires a somewhat simpler and less option-filled unit, you might consider our ELCO-ADA-40 desk. This desk has an open knee space with 12" of height adjust. The top surface can also be machined to accept any necessary equipment .