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Marshall Furniture is the industry leader in design-build Integration-Friendly Furniture® providing innovation to connect workspaces. We are a solution-based manufacturer focused on functionality, user experience, and aesthetics, with a diverse product line tailor-made to the AV and architectural requirements. 

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This stage confidence monitor cabinet ships flat, requiring assembly on site. Equipped with ventilation, a pull-off service panel, a mounting bracket, and casters, the design has all the same feature
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Collaborate On A Budget
Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Marshall Furniture's new ELCO™ Collaboration Tables provide users with a low-cost solution that is easily configurable around their specific meeting room needs.

ANTIOCH, IL - Marshall Furniture's new ELCO™ Collaboration Tables are a versatile solution perfect for applications where simplicity and pricing are a priority. Compared to high-end custom tables, which can be designed an infinite number of ways, Marshall Furniture's ELCO™ Collaboration Tables simplify specification and ordering by offering a three step process.  First, users choose their table top shape from Rectangle, V-Shape or D-Shape. Second, three base configurations are available according to technology storage needs: Option A Basic Base Style, Option B Integrator Base Style and Option C Designer Base Style. Third, add surface cut outs and optional add-ons like cable boxes or a fixed monitor mount.

The top surface is automatically sized to seat 4-5 people with one short end free for any video systems. Choose a standard commercially available plastic laminate for the surface to compliment your space. Create different sight lines with the three available top shapes: Rectangle, V-Shape or D-Shape.

V-Shape Top w/ Option C Designer Base Style - Front View V-Shape Top w/ Option C Designer Base Style - Side View

V-Shape Top w/ Option C Designer Base Style

Rectangle Shape w/ Option B Integrator Base Style - Front View Rectangle Shape w/ Option B Integrator Base Style - Side View

Rectangle Shape w/ Option B Integrator Base Style

Option A Basic Base Style comes with a melamine storage box and metal post leg. This base option is ideal for those who have little to no technology but still includes cable management needs. Option B Integrator Base Style should be utilized if there is a need for integrated rack or large equipment. It comes with a melamine storage box and credenza base. Option C Designer Base Style is a middle ground between a completely enveloped base and an open look. It comes with a melamine storage box and a box leg. The box leg offers cable pass concealment while the melamine storage box offers small equipment housing. On all three, the melamine storage box is designed with standard features such as exhaust ventilation, removable access panels and a large notch for cable pass and wall outlet access. As the name implies, the melamine storage box, as well as the credenza base and box leg, can be finished in any of our 13 standard melamine colors. The box leg and credenza base also come with an access panel and are built with leveling feet.

Back of Table - Large Notch in Back For Cable Pass To Wall

Large Notch in Back For Cable Pass To Wall

Small surface equipment cut outs such as third party cable boxes, touch panels or microphones are available at no extra charge. You can add Marshall Furniture cable reservoirs and Extron cable cubbies at an extra charge. In addition, optional monitor arms or a fixed mount can be specified for video collaboration.

If you're looking for a flexible, budget-conscious solution that is as easy as 1-2-3, consider Marshall Furniture's new ELCO™ Collaboration Tables. They are a great way to ensure your smaller corporate or higher education active learning spaces are set-up and ready for a meeting or video chat!

Date: Mar 27, 2017