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RDL manufactures a broad line of high quality audio, video and digital products under the trade names Stick-On, Rack-Up, TX Series, Flat-Pak Series, SourceFlex Distributed Sound and RCX Room Combining Systems. These products comprise some of the most cost effective and innovative ideas to be brought into the market place in the last 22 years.

Model: FP-NML2VP

The FP-NML2V modules are Dante audio network interface products compatible with mic-level or line-level audio equipment inputs.
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RDL Introduces FP-ECC1 Energy Conservation Controller
Posted on Friday, June 4, 2010
RDL Introduces FP-ECC1 Energy Conservation Controller
  • Make a New or Existing System Energy Efficient
  • A Must for All New System Designs
  • A Must Retrofit for All Existing Systems
  • Conserve Energy and Save Money
  • Automatically Turns A/V System On and Off
  • Audio Sensing Turns and Holds System Power On
  • Remote-Controllable

This product features RDL eco control. The product incorporates sensing circuitry that activates one or more outputs intended to enable or disable the power consumption of other equipment.

The FP-ECC1 is a control unit designed to automatically turn an A/V system on and off for maximum energy savings. Multiple sensing inputs and control outputs are provided in standard formats affording optimum flexibility in a broad variety of installations. The FP-ECC1 features may be enhanced through the use of optional RDL remote controls and detection and control modules. Connections are provided to interface the FP-ECC1 with OEM equipment.

The FP-ECC1 may be triggered by any of the three audio trigger inputs or by pulling the external trigger terminal to ground using RDL detection or control modules, open?collector outputs from OEM controllers or equipment, or by a magnetic door switch or motion sensor.