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Williams Sound ‘in the loop’ with new simulation software
Posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Minneapolis, MN – Williams Sound is pleased to introduce the new Digi-LoopTM Simulation Software – a custom tool created by Williams Sound to provide in-depth, realistic modeling and simulation of your venue's acoustics and loop system performance.  Success is definitely in the details.  We will help you visualize how the desired magnetic field fills your space, determine fall off of the field from the design pattern and factor in speech transmission index (STI) and crest factors.  We'll team with you to explore options, evaluate viability and ensure success – long before your virtual venue becomes a job site. 

Contact the TechBlue team at Williams Sound for a FREE loop design consultation: 
800.328.6190  or  +1.952.943.2252  (Ask for TechBlue)